About us

IC Beyond was created by a group of leaders and thinkers to build a space for open discussion to help shape the future of internal communication. 

IC Beyond joins six partners, all bringing a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, who combine a shared passion to see internal communication realise its fullest potential within the world’s organisations. 


Adam Fuss, ABF Communications, USA

Belinda Gannaway, Fathom XP, UK

Janet Hitchen, Janco Consulting, UK

Mike Klein, Changing the Terms, NL

Trudy Lewis, Lewis Communicate, UK

Kevin Ruck, PR Academy, UK

At the time of setting this up the world is about to see the slow transition out of a lockdown brought on by a global pandemic. In some way everything is set to change.The content here represents ideas and thoughts that professionals and clients need to consider as we approach these changes. Understanding the potential of internal communication can help organisations as they move into the next phase of this pandemic. For us within the industry, it is an opportunity for us to get in position and shape our future.